3D Sign Builder application for R. Bergersen Sikkerhet & Design AS

We have made a 3D real-time sign builder application based on WebGL. Our goal was to reduce time of production and allow users without technical skills create dedicated signs for doors.

— 17.01.2018

R. Bergersen Sikkerhet & Design AS is a company from Norway, which was looking for a solution to help people creating their own custom door sign. In Norway, it is very popular to have a unique door sign. The client appreciated the potential of the 3D graphic which works on web browsers (thanks to WebGL) and decided to use this technology in their solution.

Before our cooperation, people had to choose font, symbol, type, and colors of the sign and send an email with this information to the company. Today everyone is able to design it by themselves and see the 3D result in real-time. It is also helpful that users are able to change text and see how it looks like on their favourite sign, which is not possible without a configurator. We decided to use the BabylonJS framework as a technical solution in this project. It fits this purpose perfectly. It works smoothly on every popular web browser, even on tablets. Together with the client we put a strong focus on intuitive UI to help users in the configuration process. Of course not everyone has time and skills to design their own sign. This is why we decided to add the panel on the right with well designed templates, which can be modified by the user.

As always, it was a pleasure for us to work on this project and we are looking forward for more 3D real-time challenges!

Check out the video to see how it works or try the demo yourself!