AR/VR Hackhaton

The future of education. One day event hosted in our office focused on prototyping solutions for Virtual Reality. Our incredible Arek together with friends took 2nd place!

— 03.12.2016

Virtual Reality Hackhaton is one day event to have fun, learn and teach about current solutions available for AR/VR on the market.

With almost 50 participants we were able to create couple really interesting working prototypes which could change education in the future. Here are few examples:

Pizza bowling

Created for fun but it could be used to teach about different types of pizza. Idea is simple, you play like a normal bowling game but instead of pins you need to hit ingredients. Depends on your results you will end up with proper pizza made from ingredients with explanation why it's called "mozarella" or "salami".

For more examples please take a look at below video.