ESP8266 Wireless Toilet Occupancy Sensor

Lately, we’ve been playing with the tiny and cheap wifi module ESP8266 to start our adventure with the Internet of Things. I started with a simple project to improve productivity and make office life better.

— 09.11.2016

From the list of ideas, we chose an occupancy sensor for the toilet. It is a real problem when you have only one toilet on the floor, because it is occupied almost every time you walk past it.

To solve “the toilet problem” we decided to create a simple, low-cost device that could check toilet occupancy and send info to Syncano (a backend for apps that has real-time modules already built in to allow you to easily get real-time updates).

Then, we could share data with colleagues so that they could build an app to let the next user know when the toilet is available.

Here is a list of parts that we used: