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Famous Sculptures at Your Fingertips

Together with Art of Corner we have created a 3D interactive model of a The Dying Centaur from Musée Bourdelle in Paris

Art Exhibition at Your Home

The aim of this project was to promote museums and support exhibitions through immersive experiences brought by realistic 3D graphics."The Dying Centaur" is a famous sculpture by Antoine Bourdelle that can be seen at Musée Bourdelle in Paris. Thanks to the newest virtual technology, art lovers who cannot visit the museum by themselves, can now take a closer look at this amazing work of art online from every angle, straight from their homes.

Virtual Gallery

Chimera Prime team took care of the technical part of the realistic presentation of the sculpture on web browsers including scene and lightings optimisation. Our partner and project's originator Art of Corner delivered the high-quality model with texture and recording along with a description of the sculpture in French. The project is VR and AR ready.

Enjoy a demo of the online art gallery here:The Dying Centaur 3D Sculpture