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Let Your Clients Make a Perfect Car

The latest 3D graphics tech brings customers a glimpse of how their new car will look like even before actually going to te car showroom.

Buying the car from the couch

There is a new way for the automotive industry to interact with their clients. Car dealers may now “invite” customers to the digital playground on their websites. Once visiting your 3D Car Configurator, customers can personalise the car they consider to buy according to their preferences and see the outcomes right at their homes. Most popular modifications include features like change of body colours, different rims or upholstery. Virtually any car part which may be replaced or customised could be added to the configurator.

A deep dive into customer preferences

While for clients your 3D Car Configurator can be a trigger for making a purchase decision, the car dealer gets not only revenue but also unique insights into statistics and actual market needs. What is more, apart from amazing 3D graphics, the car configurator may also include a smart order management system and an intelligent cart part tracking. The car seller can now compare which colours or finishing parts are the most popular and stock up accordingly. Know your customers better than they know themselves

Need to boost your customer experience?

We love cars and would be more than happy to build your 3D Car Configurator and help your business grow. Get in touch with us!