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Pix2Win: Interactive Sweepstakes at Ice Hockey Game

3D real-time solution for big screens encourages fans to take part in live sweepstakes

Pix2Win is a Norwegian fan engagement platform designed for live events and broadcasts. The solution encourages audience during a game to send photos from their mobile phones to take part in a live video sweepstake. Pix2Win real-time broadcast graphics engine allows thousands of fans to see themselves on big screens at the stadiums, sports centres, racing tracks or in television.

Live Interactive 3D Video Sweepstake
Pix2Win makes use of 3D graphics in live broadcasts

By using full screen graphics or scrolling entries with live action in Pix2Win, brands and sponsors enable fans to become a part of the show. The live broadcast solution we have developed was first introduced to a broader audience in 2016 during an ice hockey match between Sweden and Finland.