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Chimera Prime Recognised as a Top Developer by Clutch!

We have been featured as top mobile software provider for helping our clients to build their digital products.

We know the kind of challenges a company can face when developing mobile and web apps. There are a multitude of things to think about: Does this solution make sense? How much will it cost? How long will it take to develop? What type of platform to use for best user experience?

For these reasons, we guide our clients from start to finish. We take care of product design, software development, and provide ongoing tech support. In other words, we help clients through any and all challenges they may face when building their digital solution. We do our best to step into their shoes to see what kind of problems may arise, and we tackle it with our different service lines.

Our foresight and work ethic has led us to be among Top UX Agencies in Poland by Clutch’s choice. Clutch, a B2B resource located in Washington D.C, is a reviews and ranking company. They rank service providers like us on a variety of factors. Clutch considers industry data, market trends, and client feedback. They go so far as actually calling clients and conducting interviews to verify feedback.

We have also been recognised on Clutch’s sister sites, The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest provides resources for business service providers and Visual Objects displays portfolios in a digitally creative manner. Visual Objects also acknowledged us as Top UX Designers in Poland.

Chimera Prime is a Norwegian software house with a high sense of building technology that matters to people. We are most eager to take on tech projects which have a real impact on human life and natural environment. Clutch website is an important touch point with our clients and also serves as a proof of credibility. Therefore, being distinguished with #ClutchLeader award promotes our brand as a skilful software development company. We appreciate the hard work put in by our team, our clients, and Clutch.

Would like to start your digital journey with us? Just get in touch!