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Product Configurators

With 3D configurators consumer goods producers, car dealers, interior designers, or industrial manufacturers can all invite their clients to interact with their products in a way
that has never been possible before.

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Product configurators can be applied across many industries. Whether you sell cars, luxurious goods, interior design elements or FMCG, your customers will be interested in personalisation. Thanks to 3D graphic configurators they can go to your website and customise their order according to their preferences even before visiting your showroom. What is more, you can integrate an intelligent order management system to see what’s most popular, and stock up accordingly.

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Multi-touch technology is here to stay. That is why we offer our clients a range of 3D graphic solutions that make use of touch screens, tablets, video walls and large size projections to provide a seamless human-computer interaction. We deliver custom software that integrates various gesture control and motion tracking systems. Give your audience brilliant user experiences.

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