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Video Walls & Displays

Custom multi-screen video walls have become a must-have at exhibition floors, concerts, events, shopping malls and trade fairs all over the world. The visual power of presenting information on dynamic displays rather than static signage
is undoubtedly superior.

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Creating content for large scale displays with a company’s own resources can be quite challenging in terms of flexibility, time restraints and staff availability. Chimera Prime provides interactive real-time graphics at any resolution. We are good at technical presentations that require showing details of machinery from different angles, or business presentations with dynamic data-driven charts. Regardless of the type of industry you are in, 3D interactive presentations can engage your audience and drive more attention to your brand, service or product.

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Multi-screen installations enable to spread content over multiple displays and provide almost unrestrained scalability of video walls. We can also transform a video wall into a large interactive installation. This is possible through implementing any touch device connectivity. Imagine having whole walls in your venue with realistic 3D graphics that smoothly change with a touch to entertain your guests.

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Running a shopping center, corporate building, museum, gallery or a large size event space? We develop custom software to manage infobox systems. Whether you need to display various content or the same content on hundreds of info screens at every POS or POI, we can provide you with an intelligent CMS to control and easily schedule content on your info kiosks.

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